Cause electronic cigarettes atomizer reason and harm of frying oil and solving methods

Daily use electronic cigarettes process is usually a headache problem, that’s frying oil. To eat an honest cool, was suddenly hot smokeDi hot little drops don’t don’t of, is basically disgusting enough, in severe cases may even burn our tongue. the explanations for frying oil is extremely complicated, the overwhelming majority is our player’s problem, alittle may be a natural cloud, this makes it easy to be Fried to smoke. Let’s go have a glance at the causes of electronic cigarettes atomizer frying oil, hope to be ready to help you?

Cause for electronic cigarette atomizer Fried oil – rate is just too low

Power is just too low mainly in oil storage cloud, optimum oil thin cloud it unusual and phenomenon of smoke.Reason isn’t complex, oil atomizer for negative pressure conduction oil structure more commonly, this type of structure will guide oil because we suction chamber negative pressure, the oil chamber of the oil smoke along the guide oil hole through the cotton outward pressure. So as long as we inhaled rhythm isn’t high and low, then the oil tank to cotton within the heater is each quantitative delivery rate, but if at this point , the low power of heater is not any thanks to consume the oil smoke within the first, then gradually tank pressed out the oil smoke an excessive amount of , are going to be within the heater inside accumulate an excessive amount of smoke oil, frying oil within the end.Solution, that’s constantly adjust power, search for the acceptable power?Cause electronic cigarettes atomizer frying oil — — — — — – the explanation for problemWhat is that the meaning of this, the most is a few players at the time of first use more smoke atomizer, dare not big of inhale . scared of hurting themselves, as a result, the smoke oil free, no cold air mixed with the burning, the last oil smoke in civil strife channeling until the buildup of excessive oil atomization storehouse.Solution, that is, debugging, after almost get work take the lead in lower, bold, do not be afraid, it’s not dangerous goods.
The causes of electronic cigarette atomizer Fried oil — — — — — spend insufficient Cotton too little on the device are often stabilized to zero storage and oil drops in oil atomizer, the causes of frying oil isn’t precisely the same.Oil atomizer cotton if put insufficient , then oil smoke could easily penetrate from the warehouse after cotton, once we let represent 10 minutes to smoke again, are going to be scratching frying oil, or maybe smoke loud gurgling. Reason is extremely simple, because cotton is just too little, in order that the flow of oil smoke will follow the cotton constantly, finally the whole core package above oil smoke an excessive amount of , then suction, will naturally frying oil, can appear even things of the oil spill.

Cause electronic cigarettes atomizer frying oil – hot wire sort of problem

Here mainly refers to the flamboyant yarn, like our regular know clapton fancy silk, because the gap between the heating wire, vice wire must be, if the gap is just too big, cotton and not timely oil absorption into the smoke, that might be a frying oil.The solution is straightforward , the utilization of a guide oil ability stronger cotton, the cotton will have stronger adsorption ability, it’s tough to let the warmth wire surface resid an excessive amount of smoke.Cause for electronic cigarette atomizer Fried oil – heat wire installation problemSome of the atomizer heat wire installation location is closer to our mouth, then at the time of installation won’t be ready to placed on the peak of the heating wire, otherwise some slight frying oil can let we inhaled into the mouth directly, the utilization of greatly influence our feelings. The oil atomizer mostly in single oil storage, due to single reservoir core, generally we will see from the tube , no stop frying oil atomization storehouse. Drops of oil atomizer in design without considering the matter of frying oil atomizer, the taste of twenty-two mm or single drops of oil atomizer, the atomizer is because see heater can directly from the tube , and therefore the heater position because ships were accidentally is just too small on top.The solution is to seem at others online tutorials, skilled after be ready to reduce their heat wire height, allow air to flow straight blow heat wire even have relatively high enough to form smoke and air mixture.

The causes of electronic cigarette atomizer Fried power is just too highHigh power mainly in drops of oil atomizer, storage computing power is just too high will cause paste the core.The reason is extremely simple, drops of oil atomizer are generally open, then heat wire inevitably there’ll be a layer of oil film on the surface, and therefore the oil film if the temperature is instant, the blasting height, so will cause the crack. But power is just too high caused by frying oil, doesn’t see more. Solution is to regulate their own devices, to avoid too high voltage, drops of oil atomizer 24 mm including 24 mm above 4.0 V below is Fried oil, then it isn’t the matter of high power. Drops of oil atomizer about 22 mm below 3.5 V is frying oil, neither is it the matter of high power.Above is about cause electronic cigarettes atomizer reason and harm of frying oil and therefore the solution of the related introduction, solve to contrast with several reasons for watching reasons are interlinked, hope for your help.

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