Classification of Vape atomizers

Atomizers are divided into two categories: finished atomizers and RBA atomizers (also called DIY)

1. Finished atomizer

This kind of atomizer can be used by opening the hatch cover and filling oil directly after getting it, which is very convenient.

Generally, 1-2 atomizing cores are included in the atomizer package. This atomizing core is the core responsible for heating the smoke oil to generate smoke (vapor).

After a long time, it will age and cause the taste to deteriorate. It is recommended to replace it once a month in normal use.

This type of atomizer is suitable for all novice players.

(General cks atomizer)

(cks supporting atomized heart)

2.RBA (DIY) atomizer

This type of atomizer is also divided into 3 categories: oil storage (RTA), drip oil (RDA), drip storage integrated (RDTA) atomizers

2.1 Oil storage RTA

The RTA atomizer is generally composed of a drip nozzle, a top cover, an atomization chamber, an oil tank, and an electrode base.

It is not equipped with an atomizing core, so players need to wind the heating coil by themselves, install and insert the oil guide cotton into the coil.

To fill the oil, just open the top bin cover and add smoke oil.

RTA generally has a long flue, and the atomization chamber is small, so the smoke will be colder, the smoke will be more concentrated, and the taste will be better

(Merlin mini RTA for personal use

(Internal use Merlin mini RTA)

2.2 Drip RDA

The RDA atomizer is generally composed of a drip nozzle, an atomization chamber top cover, an atomization chamber, and an electrode base.

You also need to wind the silk yourself to make cotton.

The difference with oil storage RTA is that it does not have an oil tank

Every time you drop in the smoke oil, you can smoke about 5-8 mouthfuls of the oil on the cotton and it will dry out. You need to drop it again.

Although troublesome, the air passage of the RDA atomizer is thicker (or there is no air passage), and the space in the atomization cabin and the air inlet are larger, which can fully mix the smoke and air, and make the volume of the smoke larger. The taste is mainly full-bodied. Because it is generally used by lungs, the smoke stays in the mouth for a short time, and the fullness and clarity will be slightly reduced.

(RDA atomizer for personal use)

2.3 Drop-storage integrated RDTA

The RDTA atomizer adds an oil storage tank below the RDA (oil storage) atomizer to improve the low oil storage problem of the RDA atomizer using cotton oil storage.

It is equivalent to a combination of dripping oil and storage, but this combination of 1+1 is not equal to 2. Because the cotton in the atomization cabin needs to be extended into the oil tank, which greatly reduces the speed of the guide, it will change after about 3-5 mouths. It is light, and the smell of oil will return to normal after being introduced into the atomization chamber through cotton.

(Vgod RDTA that has been sealed for a long time)

Shopping advice

1 The finished atomizer is more suitable for beginners or players who don’t have time (or don’t want) to make heating wire because of the stability of the taste and the very simple operation method.

2 The RTA nebulizer has been polarized after so long of development. On the one hand, it is a mouth-sucking oil storage atomizer that prefers to taste the e-liquid, and on the other hand, it is a big smoke lung-sucking oil storage atomizer that is biased towards large smoke while also wanting a certain endurance. The simplest way to distinguish is to determine whether it is a mouth-sucking mouth-feeling atomizer or a large smoke lung-sucking atomizer according to the size of the air inlet of the atomizer.

The 3RDA oil drop atomizer also has the same differentiation. Players can distinguish whether it is a large smoke drop oil atomizer or a mouth-feel atomizer according to the size of its atomization chamber and air inlet. Generally speaking, The smaller the atomization chamber and the smaller the air inlet, the mouth-feel drip atomizer.

RDTA atomizer adds an oil storage tank below the RDA atomizer to improve the problem of less oil storage in the RDA atomizer using cotton oil.

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