Comment with Dovpo : box vv mods squonk vape basium 230w topside dual

The vapeciga vv mods is a RTO of 25.6 mm equipped with a straight vessel and two bubble tanks, a glass and an ULTEM. The right crystal welcomes 2 ml, while the bubble tank can accommodate 6 ml. DOVPO uses what they call “double diffusion double” for a soft circulation.

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Price $ 31.95 (at MyVPro)
Color: Black, Silver, Gunmetal, Rainbow, Green, Purple, Rose Resistance

25.6 mm
2 ml of standard capacity
The capacity of a 6 ml bubble tank (glass and ultra-uterine).
304 Stainless steel construction
Threaded content.
Two positions.
Quadruple construction cover
The upper part through the screw of the platform.
PEI insulation.
Simple or double coil configuration.
Cut air with bridge bridge bridge.
BIDIFC double air stream at 52 ° – 26 holes per side
Threaded connection 510.

Content kit.
Blotto RTA.
Glass bubble.
Bubble of Glass Ultem.
Bags of accessories
Bottle opener
Build quality and design

Vapeciga squonk vape is a high quality RTA. It is just a machine, since I expected Dovpo and tolerance to the O-ring is perfect. Many reviews do not complain about not to open the bridge when it has liquids inside the tank because the glass does not stay in the ring, but I see that the Sam video does that. Then, I tried and it worked. Be slow and do not touch and that will remain active.

It measures 25.6 mm at the base and I measure less than 43 mm without drop dropwise. The chimney is 19 mm and has a gradual dome at the top that falls to 8 mm. It comes with a beautiful dropwise tip in two rooms with metal ribbon that corresponds to the color of the RTA. He reminded the recent Helllvape dripping tip, only they were not antimicrobials and only opaque or Ultem arrived.

RTA is quite easy and easy to use. Close the quick content of the release requires a room to open or close. The equipment is what makes it aesthetic, in my opinion, because it looks like a bottle. And there are measures in the air flow rings so that they coincide. This is Sam’s idea, of course. Under the content content, two large kidney containers are about 3.5 mm x 11 mm.

In the package, the straight glass has a capacity of 2 ml, but I can contain 3 ml. When you check the glass of bubbles, it is 6 ml precision. I think they have recorded a recorded glass as a capacity of 2 ml to meet the requirements of the TPD of the European Union, but I feel happy that it remains more, because I think it seems really better than “a glass of bubbles, even if the final bubble corresponds to the tip of the drops,

Show new dovpo basium squonk has a post-less floating bridge with the grub with tray screw on the side. The screw of Hailles tends to scratch if it has a good screwdriver.

The room you need to wake up is a little reduced due to 242 ° air flow design. I started with a double construction with 3 mm rollers. I found them almost sick in the middle, with a unique millimeter for a backup. If you use a double double, I recommend using 2.5 mm. This will give you more space and this will also give you a small stream of air.

This packet is equipped with a head-shaped appetizer in the form of skull that also serves as a coil measuring instrument. When using a coil tool, it will cut its 5 mm cable. It is too long. If you have a reel tool, I suggest cutting it to 4.5 mm if you are using a 2.5 mm or 3 mm displacement.

From there, it’s easy enough, unless you can not straighten the first wheel before installing the second because the part is narrow. Once they are tightened and placed wherever you want, it’s time to remove the hotpot and start evacuating.

This dovpo 230w get code has a floating bridge, which means that it can technically cut its cotton to cover only the juice feeding hole and be good. But a problem with this method is if you leave it to let go or hit it, cotton can leave the square and flee.

The juice bait hole is a sufficient knowledge and allows capillary actions that are good through the axis. I do not dry myself and I have no flight at all. It’s really an easy RTA for the tree and you will have it in a short time.

Air flow

As I said before, Dovpo uses what they call “double broadcast diffusion” for a soft circulation. I guess it refers to a radius of 242 ° around the covered air crossing coil that crosses two side poles, or may also that the hole Hebah style 52 is in the type of control art of control of “Spread” airflow control. All that is quite soft, but really restricted, even with a coil. It is for vapors who like a really limited pulmonary blow. I would like this to have a small flow of air, but it gives a feeling of extraordinary.

To adjust the airflow, it is sufficient to transform the airflow control ring into the lower part of the RTA. It is slowly without being too loose or too tight. There are plugs and stop completely open and closed completely.

In addition to the flavor, I realize that the flow of air is very soft. It is finer than the air flow in most of the topside dual mod click in that has a wider and more open lottery.

I will also repeat that I’m not fled at all. With a floating bridge and a lower air flow, there is always the ability to flee, but when it happens, usually due to lack of experience. However, I even believe with beginner users who have no problem with this RTA.

PRO counter
High quality construction.
High liquid capacity
Tank ultem and glass bubbles.
Beautiful two-piece dripped peaks
Close the contents of the fast version.
Large kidney filler port
Soft and muffler hit the lungs.
Air flow 242 ° directly to the coil.
Bee style bee air flow.
Easy evacuation
The good taste
Do not come with rollers
The coil pieces lead too much time.
The glass may appear when you delete the bridge.
The maximum airflow may be more.

Blotto Dovpo is a solid RTA. It is really implemented, producing good taste and it is not difficult to build. The machine is good and the Utensa are all soft butters. It was quite disappointed that there is no reel included, because almost everything restarting that you came with rollers at that time. I think there should be an embedded crisis, but it’s not a breaker of the condenser in any way. I also hope that the flow of air can open a little more, but it is a personal preference.

You can buy here:dovpo box

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