How Does The Vaporesso Gen Mod Perform?

The Vaporesso excellent performance. The axon chip is very accurate and performs as good as some other chips called “high-end” out there. If you plan a blind tester to do and how it is done, I think it is very pleasantly surprised by the way would be surprised.

Vaporesso GEN TC Mod Kit design quality
Pulse mode works very well and not to keep at a constant level, the evaporator is pressed the shutter button during the entire time the thumb.

battery life
The battery that the Vaporesso gene pulse mode of the day running with Samsung 30Q of, lasted about 5 hours, depending on vaping my style.

Vaporesso GEN TC Mod Kit with SKRR-S Tank
Vaporesso GEN TC Mod Kit with SKRR-S Tank

I tried to Eco mode when I was asked if I wanted a change by 40% battery life.

When I decided to go with the Eco mode, the added a further 60 minutes to the evaporator normal time. Indeed, you do not have the same evaporator performance and experience, but you get the device that lasts longer.

The last thing is to leave without spare batteries and no way to charge the device, right?

Excellent feel and quality
Good battery life
looks great
Energy-efficient Eco mode
Pulses so that only works
Menu system easy to use
loose plug 510
Final Verdict Review
If the connector was 510 not been “shaky” during these tests would Vaporesso on the board a clean sweep of the Pro has had. However, so far, in my opinion, the only was looking around, the problem port 510 so I suppose it is one of, it happens.

The Vaporesso genĀ  Mod is very easy to use and very easy to use. Pulse mode works as provided to the same eco mode.

This is a device that looks good and the design and feel of it is excellent. Another task is done well Vaporesso.

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