How much do you know about IJOY CAPO 216 Squonk Mod

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Product presentation:

CAPO IJOY Squonk mod box 216 is the first and smallest box double Squonk 20700 mod! Long battery life, stylish, personal shot button and battery cover with a practical design custom key controls, large screen and high-power OLED 5-216W personalized, simple and safe operation. RDA suitable for large diameter with USB support for fast charging. Adopting the combination of transparent silicone + ABS special bottle of hard and soft organic Squonk, effectively prevent accidental release with demolition compression! Users can also make use of an adapter 18650-18650 Vaporesso Luxe S 220W.



1 * 216 IJOY CAPO Squonk BOX MOD

1 * Warranty Card

1 * USB Cable

1 User

• Screen size: 0.66 “0LED.
• Size: 45 * S * 83.S /1.78*3.29*2.0 1.25 inches.
• Output Power: 5Watts-216watts
• Output voltage: O.SVolts-8.0Volts.
• Output Current: 1.0A-36A.
• Temperature: 300-600’F / s 150-31 “C.
mode power cables • Control Resistance Range: 0.06ohm-3.0ohm
• Energy efficiency: 95%.

• Methods of Fire: stainless steel metal button drawing.
• Establish a feeding method: and down button.
• Update Firmware: Yes.
• Output mode: / TI / VW mode users Ni / SS special
• Cell types:
20.700 high speed cell (discharge current must be greater than 40A) high speed 18,650 cells with the help of battery sleeve (discharge time should be greater than 35A)

Operating instructions: Hugo Vapor Pathfinder 
1. Battery lnstalling

Open the battery cover, insert two 20700 batteries into the battery compartment, please pay attention to the positive and negative electrodes aspects. You can also use the cover 18650.

2. On / Off

Press the shutter button 5 times quickly to turn the unit on and off. After ignition, uoy OLED logo and the software version number in standby mode Damn Vape Base 

Please adjust the power in the correct range to match spray used before use.
When a new atomizer connected, please press and “+” – the key to the initial value of the resistance temperature calibration)

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3. vaping
While the power is on, just keep pressing the shutter button from the vaporizer
(Start time: 10 seconds)
While the power is on, the display mode default OLED VW.

4. menu


Press the shutter button three times within 2 seconds to enter the menu of the device, and then go to the menu operation, the +/- buttons do not move in the menu shutter button for confirmation.

5. How Temp Ni / Ti / SS

1. Temperature information display control mode VOOPOO Drag X VW  (the work force, resistance, voltage, operating temperature, and battery power)
2. Press the + and – keys to increase or decrease the shutter button to confirm, then you can move to adjust the temperature or power.

6. VWMode

predefined power is 85 W output power can be adjusted from 5W-216W pressing control +: to increase and decrease.

7. Setting mode

In entering this mode, the standard control / display mode temperature management hard / soft:

• Normal mode: This is the power that now has before
• difficult mode: Powerful + 30% before establishing his rule.
• The soft mode: setting power of 20% before power.

CEPA its creation?

From the main menu, go to the display mode “CRT”, press the button to confirm the fire. Press the left / right keys to select the specific parameters Kaees SOLOMON .

How to identify new and the same coil

An interesting way and reinstallation of controlling the temperature of the tank, please press the0-0button to confirm (the same coil) if the coil is used, please press The0 + “to confirm (new coil) if a new coil.

8. Charging via USB?

When the voltage is less than 3.3 V, the display shows “low battery”, then you need to charge your device, connect the device to a computer via a USB or AC adapter cable. You can not vape for chargin

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