Deep fog Beast: SMOK Rigel Kit 230W

SMOK Rigel Kit 230W

Rigel Kit 230W

Rigel Kit is made of quality glass, flexible rubber coating and lateral design with classic carbon fiber, which will bring you unique visual sensation and comfortable hand feel. It is composed of a TFV9 tank and a Rigel Mod. As for the Rigel Mod, it is powered by dual 18650 batteries that can fire up to 230W max output power. And monitored by its outstanding chipset, it can ignite in 0.001s, providing you with the first hit of intense flavor and massive vapor. In addition, there are 6-theme-color user interface available. And you can switch between different styles by pressing the Fire Key and the UP button at the same time. Besides, it is equipped with a 0.96-inch TFT screen to display the basic vape data and help you use the device. Moreover, it adopts USB Type-C for reliable power and faster transfer speed and multiple protections to ensure your health and safety. As for the TFV9 tank, it features 28mm in diameter and 6.5ml e-juice capacity, which is large enough for long-lasting vaping experience. With lift-and-open top cap and slide-top-filling system, it is simple and secure to use. Supporting adjustable airflow and V9 meshed coil 0.15ohm, it allows you to obtain massive clouds and excellent flavor you prefer. Last but not least, durable gold-plating 510 thread connector delivers a better user experience when connecting the tank with a mod.

Main Features:
1. 6.5ml TFV9 Tank and slide top filling design
2. Dual 18650 batteries and 230W max output power
3. Dual V9 Meshed coils for huge vapor and excellent flavor
4. Ignition speed of 0.001s
5. Personalize the user interface according to your preferences
6. Equipped with a frontal 0.96-inch TFT color display
7. USB Type-C for reliable power and faster transfer speed
8. Multiple protections: Intelligent Atomizer Recognition, Puff Monitoring System, 8 Seconds Cut-off, Short Circuit Protection, Over-heating Protection, Low-battery Warning
9. Childproof top cap for increased safety
10. Gold-plating 510 thread connector
11. Adjustable airflow control at the base of the tank

Brand: SMOK
Product Name: Rigel Box Mod Kit
Size: 88*44*28.8mm
Output Power Range: 1-230W
Battery Capacity: 18650 Batteries(Sold Separately)
Resistance Range: 0.1-2.5ohm
Display: 0.96 Inch TFT Colorful Screen
Standby Current: <300uA
Input Voltage: 6.4-8.4V
Output Voltage: 1.0-8.2V
Charging Voltage: DC/5V
Charging Current: Max 2A

Package Contents:
1*RIGEL Box Mod
1*TFV9 Tank
1*V9 Meshed Coil 0.15ohm(Pre-installed)
1*V9 Meshed Coil 0.15ohm
1*Extra Glass Tube
1*Type-C Cable
1*User Manual


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2.SMOK dickjohnzeistra suit measurements
3.Why smoking E-cigarettes atomizer is very hot a few?

SMOK dickjohnzeistra suit measurements

From contact with the e-cigarette has been focusing on the SMOK products, buy R80 suits at first into the pit, a built-in battery and TFV4 cloud to core the RBA, really is a new one pace reachs the designated position into the pit of best! This is a great pleasure and would be glad to get the chance to SMOK dickjohnzeistra suit of new trial, let me talk about my objective evaluation of dickjohnzeistra suit began after!!!! I received the product is red, out of the hand at that moment was my daughter-in-law to! This product is really very portable and can see the chart is proportion to the size of my daughter-in-law in hand. This red is very SAO, very suitable for female friends? Below we say dickjohnzeistra suit my feeling of the objective in the process of use: advantages: 1, portable: size is very suitable for carrying out, combined with its built-in battery 2200 ma, normal smoke enough people use a day time, and the USB charging increases with the increasing use is very convenient. 2, price ratio: the kit itself contains a NANOTFV4 atomizer, unlike many machines on the market, don’t have to buy a battery charger and atomizer, get in, so to speak3, practical: I use the whole day after get dickjohnzeistra suit, with a 0.3 atomization core, power enough to support me to work 8 hours, small mouth can lung smoke fog is used in the office without affecting the others (if you want to smoke deep lungs or absorption can satisfy), moderate taste have administrative levels feeling. Shortcomings: 1, the range: true also battery into battery also defeat, so-called because dickjohnzeistra suit using the built-in 2200 ma battery, when I go out to play again want to pack a X case, the battery life is slightly less than, when you’re trying to put X results were not changed for the battery is very depressed! ?, 2, the fuel consumption: this suit appear storage about 2 ml, found that in the process of I use the atomizer or more fuel – 2 ml only enough I morning to noon is dry out, may be the reason for the big smoke core product!!!! 3, accessories: this suit does not contain the RBA core inside, so I can only change the finished product core to use because of the atomizer is NANOTFV4, is much smaller than TFV4, I hand no TFV4 RBA core can try, so hope that manufacturers still can provide players with a RBA core, degree is higher, the individual feels the RBA core can play later use cost low, finished product core in daily is not convenient to do silk convenient change so it is reasonable! I review here, the above is my true feeling, not for others, please do not deliberately misunderstood my evaluation thank you! The writer is a SMOK dickjohnzeistra suit winners madman, high profile logic is clear, thanks for madmen graphic share and mad madam’s friendship out!

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Why smoking E-cigarettes atomizer is very hot a few?

Why smoking E-cigarettes atomizer is very hot a few? The data, and coil used power, cloud size, and is directly related to the volume. The higher the power, the “big, calorific value. Under the same voltage used by the coil resistance is lower, the greater the volume of heat wire, the higher the hot star. Atomization storehouse, the greater the heat accumulation effect is lower, the greater the heat dissipation. Air inflow is larger, the more heat away.

Why smoking E-cigarettes atomizer is very hot a few? What is the lead to serious the atomizer heat up then?

1.Drip oil atomizer

On non texture drops of oil atomizer used data are very loose, they usually have larger atomization warehouse, air flow, so muchDistribute heat SiDou can compatible. But using composite heat wire fancy double, as well as the resistance of 0.152 by the coil in the following, or easy to overheat, people can reduce the power to use discretion.

2.Finished product atomizer

Finished atomizer is nothing to say, manufacturers will all things have been designed, players only need to use manufacturers are recommended to use the power can get good effects.

3.Oil storage atomizer

The taste of traditional type oil atomizer, KF series, for example, firebird series and so on, all have tiny atomized storehouse and airway, guide outlet is usually small, and the electrode column base is not suitable for installation of thicker heat wire.If forced to use low resistance coil (consistent with the data of power use), so will inevitably produce overheat, smoke to tao overheating, such problems as insufficient delivery rate. So on this kind of atomizer is also recommended to use the following heat wire wire diameter 0.4.

4.Taste drip oil atomizer

If you are using a nipple, HOBO, ant, AX, taste like drops of oil atomizer, then do not choose to install low resistance heat wire and fancy heat wire (low resistance, and fancy fever SiDou need to use a higher power to push, to achieve a suitable working condition). Because such atomizer air inflow usually less, and the atomization warehouse space compression, send out quantity of heat to the conduction of heat wire to the atomizer on, and in this case, the temperature of the smoke is also very high, not suitable for use. So it is recommended to use in this kind of atomizer under 0.4 wire diameter and heating wire.

That is about E-cigarettes atomizer why smoke a few very hot? Related introduction, cause overheating atomizer, is that there is no use with atomizer, high compatibility of coil data and power. So we need to have a knowledge of his sprayer in his hand, and then based on the characteristics of the atomizer itself to decide use what kind of coil data and output power.

How to clean electronic cigarettes atomizer?

Put right into boiling water in the mug for 2 minutes, then remove with a new cotton swabs dry water, after 5 minutes will certainly have excellent parts from the new garments, here we can be at convenience use.In addition it is important to note that the DIY atomizer on market is various, yet cleaning up techniques are the same, as long as according to the above approach, will not have to worry concerning atomizer not health and wellness.
Tidy with vinegar digital cigarettes atomizer is a good choice, can likewise effect.How to tidy digital cigarettes atomizer? “Vodka”Russia wine after that blow completely dry atomizer, put right into the right amount of vodka, a finger seal atomizer, and gently drink out after one to 2 minute or two. Electronic cigarettes atomizer matters needing attentionYou newbies can refer to the above methods, proper as well as upkeep, and also regularly to clean up the atomizer, to extend its service life. Unique remind a little bit, after wiping the components must be tidy set up, atomizing core is best not to wash!Replacing different tastes of smoke oil, additionally need to clean up the atomizer beforehand to avoid a range of tastes of recurring odoour, such as anxious scorched flavour, choking voice, choking lung, and so on, impact the taste experience.
Exactly how to tidy electronic cigarettes atomizer? See a lot of friends claim electronic cigarettes taste sweetened, in order to personal hygiene and guarantee preferences pure remember time to cleanse the cloudApparatus.
Just how to tidy vapor cigarettes atomizer? Cleaning materials ought to be preparedCups, tweezers, alcohol (medical), cotton swabs. We will atomizer in order from bottom to cover down, and the storehouse is the base, the atomization core, atomization, cigarette owner. To note right here is that on top and also base of the atomizing core has an elastic band, using tweezers to remove.The swab dipped in alcohol for 10 secs, all the devices to wipe out with clean, along with the rubber band, because alcohol will certainly impact the material of rubber band. In this, the results of alcohol for disinfection. After that will need to add mug accessories, in addition to cloud core with elastic band, because in the atomization core have cotton, touch water difficult to completely dry, rubber band to avoid conditioning. Pour right into boiling water in the mug for 2 mins, then get rid of with a brand-new cotton bud completely dry water, after five minutes will certainly have good parts from the new garments, right here we can be comfortable use.In enhancement it is important to keep in mind that the DIY atomizer on market is different, however cleaning up approaches coincide, as long as according to the above approach, will certainly not need to fret about atomizer not health and wellness.
How to clean digital smoke the snow? “Vinegar”Day-to-day live requirements placed atomizer in water mixed with vinegar, and after that cooking, takes about 10 mins later on, clean with clear water time and again impact thousands. Tidy with vinegar e cigarettes atomizer is a great selection, can also effect.How to clean electronic cigarettes atomizer? “Hot water”Warm water can put a suitable amount of warm water in the electronic cigarette atomizer, carefully tremble momentarily or more, then put out the water, after that coiffure hair dryer. This approach is easy, yet will certainly still remain strong taste of electronic smoke oil.
Exactly how to clean smokeless cigarettes atomizer? “Coca-Cola”The American beverage will certainly electric cigarettes atomizer take in a glass of soda beverages, takes around 1 day. After the completion of secure, with warm water and also cold water, boiling water cleaning can be, the final strike completely dry. This technique is really difficult, the result may not be very excellent. Oil smoke taste, is still very strong.How to tidy electronic smoke it? “Vodka”Russia wine then blow dry atomizer, pour into the correct amount of vodka, a finger seal atomizer, as well as gently shake out after one to 2 minute or 2. And after that wash tidy with warm water, placed it to completely dry. Bear in mind, you do not require to blow, vodka preference need to slowly disappear. This is a very charming way, but it is also a much more effective method, and also can primarily eliminate e cigarettes atomizer caused by dust and smell.
How to tidy e cigarettes atomizer? slanted technique Area a notepad towels on the surface of the table, put the atomizer tilt in the above, it will take about 24 hr, the vapor cigarette smoke in the atomizer liquid will exclude gradually. Rinse with cozy water, after the last usage hair clothes dryer to dry. This is thought about a much more efficient method.How to tidy electric cigarettes atomizer? E cigarettes atomizer matters requiring attentionYou novices can refer to the above approaches, proper as well as maintenance, as well as on a regular basis to tidy up the atomizer, to expand its service life. Special advise a bit, after wiping the parts must be clean set up, atomizing core is finest not to wash!Replacing different flavors of smoke oil, also require to clean the atomizer in advance to avoid a selection of flavors of recurring odoour, such as distressed burned flavour, choking voice, choking lung, etc., impact the preference experience.

RTA is what? How to distinguish?

RTA is what? How to identify? Novices are typically several of the so-called “expert term” interfere with the line of view, IDA, RTA, RDTA appears to be looking at are the same thing. , if you have found out about the advancement of the digital cigarette friends ought to be able to identify it conveniently.

RTA is what?

Continue to talk some cold understanding: very first RDA, RTA, RDTA such names as the last letter for A, A, refers to the ATOMIZER (霊). And also will constantly be the initial letter R, R is Rebuildable (reconstruction), that is to state, R the atomizer at the end of A beginning “term” implies the atomizer can be rebuilt, so when see the mix of 2 letters in English atomizer type ended up product atomizer can be ruled out.The distinction lies in the combination in between a letter “D” or “T”, D is Dripping (drip), T refers to the Storage tank (storage space storehouse), you can easily distinguish the RDA is Dripping oil atomizer, RTA is oil atomizer, as well as the structure of the new RDTA separate describes either open direct drip (D) and a storage space warehouse atomizer (T), as well as to inform today is the storage in RTA atomizer.RTA is what? The taste of the RTA?RTA taste this issue has actually been deeply rooted in every contact with electronic cigarettes buddies heart, below is some subjective disagreement alone to speak about the understanding of “preference”Said to taste RTA, inevitably advised KayFun series, this is one of the most normal. At first was fascinated by individuals quit conventional cigarettes are usually KFLP fairly tight suction resistance along with the linear concentration of smoke preference. If only from the development of KayFun series is uncomplicated to locate, the preference of the mouth sucking gradually beginning to change, from KF5 can see the support of expensive thread as well as the preference of lung absorption. As warmth cord type started to enhance gradually, the development of the vapor cigarettes taste pattern began to change.And what is the taste of the so-called? An atomizer smoke temperature level, the suction resistance feelings, suction nozzle as well as lips drawing sensation, also a atomizer on the scent of smoke oil lowering power, etc were caused into the group of texture.If at the time of consult buddies may as well can toss a few tags directly direct friend for referrals from equipment, such as “smoke lessModerate cozy “and also” resistance “, etc., can be directly to discover relevant structure layout by these tags feature of RTA, if straight selling “I require to taste great RTA”, this will certainly make referrals for you close friends feel humiliated, after all, each people is not the like the standard demands for taste.
Please don’t question single-shot make fog capacity, in the past the 2nd fifty percent of 2016, all kinds of solitary RTA has actually started slowly to support the layout of the coil, fancy solitary fancy utilized on the capability to make fog as preference RDA, additionally has the reconstruction of the much easier operation.In addition to the comfort of operation, for “leakage” unpleasant needs to additionally pay close interest to. As the RTA structure development, the repair of the cotton has actually been more as well as extra easy and trustworthy operation, like the current similar MAGE GTA, CP RTA, this kind of framework to the beginner has a much better supporting procedure, it is not easy to leak.

RTA is what? VG and preparation of oil smoke will influence the speed of RTA overview oil?

Like familiar KFLP overview, such as oil opening small RTA, utilizing typical 50% VG smoke oil experience is excellent, however once into 80% VG smoke oil can cause bad guide oil and affect experience also paste core, this is created by the percentage of VG liquid smoke oil viscosity adjustments as well as the effect of RTA overview oil speedGuide just how huge is the size of the oil opening, in the general situation establishes a RTA how quick is the overview of oil, and also of course the premise in cotton manufacturing without troubles. If in today’s huge smoke on the RTA, all kinds of elegant coil as well as high intake with low resistance, also as above with 6 ml of the oil MOBULA RTA (evil one rays), is not enough to support the use of half a day.How much oil smoke will consume much of smoke, in the big smoke RTA in the purchase as well as select, do not need to care it just how much storage space, it can be focused on in the process of choose as well as get oil style of RTA. At the top of the oil has actually become the current RTA design criterion, and also a dependable RTA oil layout item, can assure the RTA life issue, additionally can offer you a small pocket RTA appearance.

RTA is what? What is the difference in between the RTA of various inlet design?

Intake of RTA resistance is relatively smooth, at the bottom of the intake stroke, to a particular degree can be said the option of the very first reference.As newbies, of training course, worry regarding reason of problem because of improper cotton production, certainly has lots of advantages to the bottom of the inlet style has actually come to be a model this unpleasant scenario. Were gradually shown up on the market to the leading inlet style of RTA, this consumption form can maximum to prevent the leak of humiliation.1, at the bottom of the inlet: the suction resistance is the most comfortable, the classification of optional items much more; 2, the top of the air intake: long intake stroke, the suction resistance is a little substandard to the inlet at the base of the style, the optional product is reasonably little, however can be the most efficient avoid since newbie operation created by the leakage of embarrassing.RTA in fact still have a kind of lateral inlet type, but this type of item is not usual, right here is not to bring on the conversation, such as UD BELLUS RTA. How to identify the relevant intro, although RTA in real usage, for the deduction of oil smoke flavour focus and experience various between smoke saturation with RDA, yet as with the RTA of oil products, they have a precise unbiased mobility and also comfort.

Like acquainted KFLP overview, such as oil opening tiny RTA, using traditional 50% VG smoke oil experience is excellent, but once right into 80% VG smoke oil can create bad guide oil as well as impact experience also paste core, this is triggered by the percentage of VG fluid smoke oil thickness modifications and the effect of RTA guide oil speedGuide how big is the size of the oil opening, in the basic instance determines a RTA how rapid is the guide of oil, as well as of program the property in cotton manufacturing without troubles. Just how much is sufficient oil RTA should have?If the suction mouth dimension layout, the RTA of oil may be an issue. If in today’s big smoke on the RTA, all kinds of expensive coil and high usage with reduced resistance, also as above with 6 ml of the oil MOBULA RTA (devil rays), is not enough to sustain the use of half a day.How much oil smoke will take in much of smoke, in the huge smoke RTA in the select as well as acquire, do not require to care it just how much storage room, it can be focused on in the process of select and purchase oil design of RTA. At the top of the oil has actually become the existing RTA style criterion, as well as a trusted RTA oil layout item, can ensure the RTA life issue, also can offer you a tiny pocket RTA appearance.

Just how to differentiate the related introduction, although RTA in real usage, for the reduction of oil smoke flavour focus and experience different between smoke saturation with RDA, but as with the RTA of oil products, they have a precise unbiased mobility and ease.

Cause electronic cigarettes atomizer reason and harm of frying oil and solving methods

Daily use electronic cigarettes process is usually a headache problem, that’s frying oil. To eat an honest cool, was suddenly hot smokeDi hot little drops don’t don’t of, is basically disgusting enough, in severe cases may even burn our tongue. the explanations for frying oil is extremely complicated, the overwhelming majority is our player’s problem, alittle may be a natural cloud, this makes it easy to be Fried to smoke. Let’s go have a glance at the causes of electronic cigarettes atomizer frying oil, hope to be ready to help you?

Cause for electronic cigarette atomizer Fried oil – rate is just too low

Power is just too low mainly in oil storage cloud, optimum oil thin cloud it unusual and phenomenon of smoke.Reason isn’t complex, oil atomizer for negative pressure conduction oil structure more commonly, this type of structure will guide oil because we suction chamber negative pressure, the oil chamber of the oil smoke along the guide oil hole through the cotton outward pressure. So as long as we inhaled rhythm isn’t high and low, then the oil tank to cotton within the heater is each quantitative delivery rate, but if at this point , the low power of heater is not any thanks to consume the oil smoke within the first, then gradually tank pressed out the oil smoke an excessive amount of , are going to be within the heater inside accumulate an excessive amount of smoke oil, frying oil within the end.Solution, that’s constantly adjust power, search for the acceptable power?Cause electronic cigarettes atomizer frying oil — — — — — – the explanation for problemWhat is that the meaning of this, the most is a few players at the time of first use more smoke atomizer, dare not big of inhale . scared of hurting themselves, as a result, the smoke oil free, no cold air mixed with the burning, the last oil smoke in civil strife channeling until the buildup of excessive oil atomization storehouse.Solution, that is, debugging, after almost get work take the lead in lower, bold, do not be afraid, it’s not dangerous goods.
The causes of electronic cigarette atomizer Fried oil — — — — — spend insufficient Cotton too little on the device are often stabilized to zero storage and oil drops in oil atomizer, the causes of frying oil isn’t precisely the same.Oil atomizer cotton if put insufficient , then oil smoke could easily penetrate from the warehouse after cotton, once we let represent 10 minutes to smoke again, are going to be scratching frying oil, or maybe smoke loud gurgling. Reason is extremely simple, because cotton is just too little, in order that the flow of oil smoke will follow the cotton constantly, finally the whole core package above oil smoke an excessive amount of , then suction, will naturally frying oil, can appear even things of the oil spill.

Cause electronic cigarettes atomizer frying oil – hot wire sort of problem

Here mainly refers to the flamboyant yarn, like our regular know clapton fancy silk, because the gap between the heating wire, vice wire must be, if the gap is just too big, cotton and not timely oil absorption into the smoke, that might be a frying oil.The solution is straightforward , the utilization of a guide oil ability stronger cotton, the cotton will have stronger adsorption ability, it’s tough to let the warmth wire surface resid an excessive amount of smoke.Cause for electronic cigarette atomizer Fried oil – heat wire installation problemSome of the atomizer heat wire installation location is closer to our mouth, then at the time of installation won’t be ready to placed on the peak of the heating wire, otherwise some slight frying oil can let we inhaled into the mouth directly, the utilization of greatly influence our feelings. The oil atomizer mostly in single oil storage, due to single reservoir core, generally we will see from the tube , no stop frying oil atomization storehouse. Drops of oil atomizer in design without considering the matter of frying oil atomizer, the taste of twenty-two mm or single drops of oil atomizer, the atomizer is because see heater can directly from the tube , and therefore the heater position because ships were accidentally is just too small on top.The solution is to seem at others online tutorials, skilled after be ready to reduce their heat wire height, allow air to flow straight blow heat wire even have relatively high enough to form smoke and air mixture.

The causes of electronic cigarette atomizer Fried power is just too highHigh power mainly in drops of oil atomizer, storage computing power is just too high will cause paste the core.The reason is extremely simple, drops of oil atomizer are generally open, then heat wire inevitably there’ll be a layer of oil film on the surface, and therefore the oil film if the temperature is instant, the blasting height, so will cause the crack. But power is just too high caused by frying oil, doesn’t see more. Solution is to regulate their own devices, to avoid too high voltage, drops of oil atomizer 24 mm including 24 mm above 4.0 V below is Fried oil, then it isn’t the matter of high power. Drops of oil atomizer about 22 mm below 3.5 V is frying oil, neither is it the matter of high power.Above is about cause electronic cigarettes atomizer reason and harm of frying oil and therefore the solution of the related introduction, solve to contrast with several reasons for watching reasons are interlinked, hope for your help.

Comment with Dovpo : box vv mods squonk vape basium 230w topside dual

The vapeciga vv mods is a RTO of 25.6 mm equipped with a straight vessel and two bubble tanks, a glass and an ULTEM. The right crystal welcomes 2 ml, while the bubble tank can accommodate 6 ml. DOVPO uses what they call “double diffusion double” for a soft circulation.

MyVPRO sends Vaping360 The Blotto RTA for free for its reviews. Author This review has already purchased its own device.

Price $ 31.95 (at MyVPro)
Color: Black, Silver, Gunmetal, Rainbow, Green, Purple, Rose Resistance

25.6 mm
2 ml of standard capacity
The capacity of a 6 ml bubble tank (glass and ultra-uterine).
304 Stainless steel construction
Threaded content.
Two positions.
Quadruple construction cover
The upper part through the screw of the platform.
PEI insulation.
Simple or double coil configuration.
Cut air with bridge bridge bridge.
BIDIFC double air stream at 52 ° – 26 holes per side
Threaded connection 510.

Content kit.
Blotto RTA.
Glass bubble.
Bubble of Glass Ultem.
Bags of accessories
Bottle opener
Build quality and design

Vapeciga squonk vape is a high quality RTA. It is just a machine, since I expected Dovpo and tolerance to the O-ring is perfect. Many reviews do not complain about not to open the bridge when it has liquids inside the tank because the glass does not stay in the ring, but I see that the Sam video does that. Then, I tried and it worked. Be slow and do not touch and that will remain active.

It measures 25.6 mm at the base and I measure less than 43 mm without drop dropwise. The chimney is 19 mm and has a gradual dome at the top that falls to 8 mm. It comes with a beautiful dropwise tip in two rooms with metal ribbon that corresponds to the color of the RTA. He reminded the recent Helllvape dripping tip, only they were not antimicrobials and only opaque or Ultem arrived.

RTA is quite easy and easy to use. Close the quick content of the release requires a room to open or close. The equipment is what makes it aesthetic, in my opinion, because it looks like a bottle. And there are measures in the air flow rings so that they coincide. This is Sam’s idea, of course. Under the content content, two large kidney containers are about 3.5 mm x 11 mm.

In the package, the straight glass has a capacity of 2 ml, but I can contain 3 ml. When you check the glass of bubbles, it is 6 ml precision. I think they have recorded a recorded glass as a capacity of 2 ml to meet the requirements of the TPD of the European Union, but I feel happy that it remains more, because I think it seems really better than “a glass of bubbles, even if the final bubble corresponds to the tip of the drops,

Show new dovpo basium squonk has a post-less floating bridge with the grub with tray screw on the side. The screw of Hailles tends to scratch if it has a good screwdriver.

The room you need to wake up is a little reduced due to 242 ° air flow design. I started with a double construction with 3 mm rollers. I found them almost sick in the middle, with a unique millimeter for a backup. If you use a double double, I recommend using 2.5 mm. This will give you more space and this will also give you a small stream of air.

This packet is equipped with a head-shaped appetizer in the form of skull that also serves as a coil measuring instrument. When using a coil tool, it will cut its 5 mm cable. It is too long. If you have a reel tool, I suggest cutting it to 4.5 mm if you are using a 2.5 mm or 3 mm displacement.

From there, it’s easy enough, unless you can not straighten the first wheel before installing the second because the part is narrow. Once they are tightened and placed wherever you want, it’s time to remove the hotpot and start evacuating.

This dovpo 230w get code has a floating bridge, which means that it can technically cut its cotton to cover only the juice feeding hole and be good. But a problem with this method is if you leave it to let go or hit it, cotton can leave the square and flee.

The juice bait hole is a sufficient knowledge and allows capillary actions that are good through the axis. I do not dry myself and I have no flight at all. It’s really an easy RTA for the tree and you will have it in a short time.

Air flow

As I said before, Dovpo uses what they call “double broadcast diffusion” for a soft circulation. I guess it refers to a radius of 242 ° around the covered air crossing coil that crosses two side poles, or may also that the hole Hebah style 52 is in the type of control art of control of “Spread” airflow control. All that is quite soft, but really restricted, even with a coil. It is for vapors who like a really limited pulmonary blow. I would like this to have a small flow of air, but it gives a feeling of extraordinary.

To adjust the airflow, it is sufficient to transform the airflow control ring into the lower part of the RTA. It is slowly without being too loose or too tight. There are plugs and stop completely open and closed completely.

In addition to the flavor, I realize that the flow of air is very soft. It is finer than the air flow in most of the topside dual mod click in that has a wider and more open lottery.

I will also repeat that I’m not fled at all. With a floating bridge and a lower air flow, there is always the ability to flee, but when it happens, usually due to lack of experience. However, I even believe with beginner users who have no problem with this RTA.

PRO counter
High quality construction.
High liquid capacity
Tank ultem and glass bubbles.
Beautiful two-piece dripped peaks
Close the contents of the fast version.
Large kidney filler port
Soft and muffler hit the lungs.
Air flow 242 ° directly to the coil.
Bee style bee air flow.
Easy evacuation
The good taste
Do not come with rollers
The coil pieces lead too much time.
The glass may appear when you delete the bridge.
The maximum airflow may be more.

Blotto Dovpo is a solid RTA. It is really implemented, producing good taste and it is not difficult to build. The machine is good and the Utensa are all soft butters. It was quite disappointed that there is no reel included, because almost everything restarting that you came with rollers at that time. I think there should be an embedded crisis, but it’s not a breaker of the condenser in any way. I also hope that the flow of air can open a little more, but it is a personal preference.

You can buy here:dovpo box

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Comment for Captain IJOY Pod mercury jupiter Vape shogun Diamond Bae

Vapeciga Captain IJOY come in various colors.

– Rainbow Mirror
– Mirror black
– Green Mirror
– Mirror Gold
– Mirror Purple
– gunmetal Mirror
– Art Mirror
– Mirror black
– Red Mirror
– blue morror
– Mirror Orange


Baby avenger IJOY MOD

– Size: 66 x 48 x 34 mm
– Maximum power: 108W
– Output Mode: VW / VT (Ni / Ti / SS) / TCR Mode
– Resistance Range: 00:05 – 3.0ohm
– Voice control system: English
– Battery Type: 2 x 20 350 battery (included)
– Double Capacity Battery: 2800mAh
– Topic: About 510

diamond baby tank IJOY

– Size: 52.7 x 22.5 mm
– Capacity: 2 ml (TPD Version) / 4 ml (standard)
– coil: DMB-mesh coil 0.18ohm (40-80W preinstalled)
0.15ohm coil DMB-DM (40-80W)
– advanced resin drops 510 Drip Tip
– Subject: 510


– Dual battery power 108W 20 350 Max
– the smallest voice control TC 108W MOD in the market for e-cig
– an innovative voice control system
– RBG LED Adjustable lighting button
– Large color screen 1.3-inch OLED
– The only way the custom user
– Firmware Update
– There is nothing wrong with the tank 30 mm
– 180 ° Quick charge with a screw cap 2 ml / 4 ml capacity E-juice
– Mesh DMB DMB-new coil and coil-DM adamantine
– adjustable air flow

In the frame:

– Safety IJOY MOD Avenger Baby
– 2 x 20 350 battery
– 4 ml Baby Diamond Tank
– DMB-Mesh 0.18ohm coil (40-80W pre-installed)
– DMB-DM coil 0.15ohm (40-80W)
– Changes in the glass tube (2 ml)
– USB Cable
– Free
– Guarantee card

Vapeciga Pod IJOY mercury is available in several different colors. I received this black tank, tank baby diamond diameter is 22.5 mm, the height is 52.7mm. The build quality is good, no quality problems.

Diamond beautiful baby tank with a decrease in resin 510 point drop is very pretty at the top of the tank in my opinion. You can also use your own suggestions drops 510 here without any problems. Drip Tip almost comfortable to use. Drip tip diameter is 13 mm, the diameter of the tip of the droplets is 8 mm.

This is a superior spray filling and you can remove the top cover is very easy, you only need half a turn and that is, you can fill the tank without problems, two details engraved on the top cover of much help when you want to open the top cover. A cap release, you can see a large hole for liquid mail, so probably will not be a problem, even with a large bottle. In my opinion a very good filling.

Baby diamond comes with a glass bubble tank, this tank has a capacity of 4 ml, which is very good for a small atomiser. color bubble glass tank, may be able to see the photos. Using spray will receive regular glass tank in the package, ordinary tank capacity is 2 ml glasses. I use a glass bubble because I like how it looks and I like the ability.

With diamond tank will receive two different rolls, it comes preinstalled with DMB – M5 coil, coil backup is to receive DMB – DM. The second coil is a coil, mesh strength recommended for DMB – M5 is 40-80 watt coil, coil resistance is 0.18ohm, DMB recommended concentration – DM is 40-80 watt coil and coil resistance of 0.15 ohms.
As always, prior to meeting the needs of special tank coil with a few drops of liquid E can then fill the tank and vaporizer immediately and took avoided.
You can also use fewer rolls:

DMB – C1 coil, coil resistance 0.3ohm, suggested power 35-70W
DMB – C2 coil, coil resistance 0.2ohm, suggested strength 40-80w
DMB – MS coil, coil resistance 0.18ohm, suggested strength 40-80w

Basically, you can see the control ring in the ring airflow and the airflow can see two ventilation holes. ring airflow is perfectly Pod IJOY jupiter show new and can adjust the air flow evenly, which sit on one side, which is the same on the other side.

I have no problem with the coil, both M5 and dm work very well, but I like a more comfortable coil M5. DM coil is longer, but it tastes better when the coils are used M5, at least that’s my opinion, you might want to DM coil ago. Anyway, this is also built under ohm deposit and it worked well, so I can not pick anything wrong.

To activate it you must click five times on the fire button and turn it off, you have to click the shutter button 5 times. When the screen is on, you’ll see the version of the firmware, but when eating in the display mode, see:

– Power
– to blow
– Heat
– coil resistance
– Volt
– double the battery indicator

To enter the menu you must click 3 times on the shutter button, take him to see the menu:

– Supply Mode
– Pod Mode
– climate control
– Together

To move, you will use more and less button and enter the Vape IJOY shogun click in, use the shutter button. In the power mode, heat can be adjusted before and can be chosen to fresh, normal and hard preheating.

If you choose the pod, which is here to adjust the power output in volts, which is a very good choice and I like it, could be between 2.5V-3.8V adjsut it.
If you choose the LED on the menu, you can choose the color of the LED lights and you can choose between the modes of red, green, blue and white noise ,, colorful. Sound mode is an interesting choice of light. So if you want your LED lights mod, you can play with and choose what seems best for you, if you do not like, you can always turn off the LED lamp selection.
Then came the TC mode, here is IN, IT, SS, M1, M2. Next TCR menu and is the preferred game. Then you can restore the breath to blow remember this device even when the battery is removed, but the counter is reset when the 9999 puff puff pressed. You can also set the screen, so you have a few options, 30, 60, 90, 120 s. Finally, you can do here is to activate or deactivate voice commands. Given that the voice commands are the main features of this mod, I will write comands voice here. Anyway, the voice control function can be very attractive to someone. So, when you want to use voice commands to say “hello IJOY” and you will see a microphone in the bottom of the screen. Here we have a sound control in previous protests.

Voice commands:

– Hello IJOY
– Soft Mode
– Normal Mode
– Mode difficult
– locking tool
– Turn on the device
– High voltage
– watt Twenty
– Thirty watt
– Forty Watt
– Fifty watts
– The sixty watts
– Seventy watt
– Eighty watts
– Eighty watts
– Low battery
– watt Auto
– Turn on the lights
– Light music
– light

I not used this option, but it may interest you. I tried IJOY Diamond Bae get code and works well, but if this option is used, must be in a quiet environment, otherwise do not understand.Let me start with the battery, the new battery, I can not find much information about the battery, the battery, and 1400mAh 25A words. Because I want to vape more than dl MTL, I tested the battery with 1.15ohm coil 12w, 2.5-3s batting average. This means about 460 flashes to indicate when mod indicates that the battery is empty.
build quality models are good, work well, and I use it every day without any problems, all of which can interfere with the normal pre-heat cousin if the shot is set regularly before giving your new warm and I hope to improve himself with the update.
sound control is better, which is great if you want to control the use of sound, can be useful for you. lights here, also has caused, one would like the LED light, not a person, but can be disabled if they do not like.
This is a mod is very short and I felt very comfortable in the hand, in the opinion of my shutter button in a perfect position and I loved it.
I love how the appearance of the machine basically works well, the controls work great voice and I recommend this mod for people who want to try for your voice commands.

You can buy here:IJOYl

sourcemore thanks


vape battery smok nord starter rpm80 coils mag p3 trinity alpha fix kit price review

I received a vapeciga smok nord starter kit sourcemore the purposes of this review.


Smok morphing colors:


– Gold black

– 7 colors and black

– Black red

– Blue and Black Prisma

– black and chrome prism


Description and features:


– Morph Mod 219 Size – 44.8mm x 30.2mm x 84.5mm

– Battery Type: 18650 dual battery (not included)

– Power range: 1 W-219W

– Display: touch screen 1.9 ”

– Input voltage: 6.4V-8.4V

– Output voltage: 0.5V-8.2V

– Cooking time: 0.001s

– Charging Current: 1.8A

– Charging voltage: 5V

– Resistance Range: 0.1-2.5ohm (VW) /0.05-2.0ohm (TC)

– Temperature: 200-600 ℉ / ℃ 100-315

Tank size TF -: 25.5 mm x 56 mm

– Capacity of tank: 6 ml

– Discussion: 510 Discussion


In the frame:


– Morph Smok MOD 219

– 6 ml Smok tank TF

– Smok TF BF-Mesh 0.25ohm tank coil (pre-installed)

– 0.25ohm Smok TF BF-Mesh tank coil

– silicone protective glass bulb

– glass tubes Replacedment

– USB Cable

– User’s Guide

– Bedrooms


Smok tank tf:


Tf is 56 ohm subtank mm high and is 25.5mm in diameter. In the package with the atomizer you will receive a glass tank and tank ordinary glass bubbles are very good, also receive a protective silicone in the glass tank and two coils. atomizer quality construction is good, the wire is smooth and everything is as it should be. Previous you can see atomizer “Smok” and the bottom of the atomizer can see the atomizer “Designed by Smok”, you can buy 5 different colors.


Atomizer comes with a drip edge 510 pre-installed, so that the atomizer can be used another drop tip 510 if it does so. Drop by drop point that is smok rpm80 pro coils show new installed is very nice and I think it is convenient to use. I think it’s very nice that finally made the atomizer 510 is supported, but for some people it would be preferable that the atomizer is compatible with 810 drip tips, however, advanced drip packaging is very comfortable and good looking.


This is a high filling syringe. Previous you can see atomizer keys to press for putting up. When the top cover is pressed, you can see the contents of the hole. Fill a large hole and the atomizer can be filled without any problem, so basically, filling here is very simple and can fill the atomizer very fast. More filling works well and should not leak when the atomizer system is filled.


Atomizer glass comes with bubble tank and pre-installed in the box will receive regular glass tank. atomizer tank with ordinary glass capacity is the capacity of the tank glass bubble 2 ml and 6 ml capacity is very good and I think many people as the capacity of the reservoir. With the atomizer, you receive a protective silicone for glass tank to protect the tank in case you drop, very good in my opinion.


Using spray, you receive two rollers and two coils are the same. Coil is bf mesh coil and coil resistance 0.25ohm, is recommended for the coil power is 30-80w 60-70w and better job. Can really easily change the atomizer coil, all you have to do is push the coil atomizer, very easy and simple. When a coil is used first, it must be primed with a few drops and can be put into the atomizer and filled syringes.


Basically, you can see the control ring airflow and the ring can be seen two slots airflow. Ring control air flow, we have some details that helps when you want to adjust the air flow, so you can less easily adjust more or airflow and allows you to set aside will be the same side Oher.


How does it work? Atomizer and my mind:


the build quality of the atomizer is very good, everything is as it should be. It comes with 510 preinstalled advanced drip which is very good because you can use the other end of the atomizer 510 drip. Drop to drop that comes smok mag p3 click in my opinion comfortable to use. It would be preferable atomzier 810 is compatible with the advice drip, so this could be a disadvantage for some people. The system is very easy to complete and can fill the tank very fast, so far, works well. The capacity of the container is 2 ml glass standard, but with a glass tank capacity bubble really good ability 6 ml. In the package, we received silicone protector for your tank that was really good. Really can easily replace the spool into the atomizer and the atomizer, you’ll receive two coils. Atomzier works very well, taste and also a good steam, this is not the best mesh coils there, but certainly better taste than many I’ve tried sprays. Therefore, the tank is very tf solid deposit in ohms, worked well and it was quite easy to use.




– Not compatible with 810 drip tips




– The build quality is good

– easy to fill

– Compatible with 510 drip points

– comfortable drop points fall preinstalled

– 6 ml capacity tank bubbles

– Protective silicone

– The good taste

– Two coils in the package

– Easy to replace the coil




Smok Morph is powered by two batteries 18650 and this model works 1-219w. You can buy this model in 5 different colors.

This dimensions 44.8mm x 30.2mm model are x 84.5mm. mod good build quality, everything is as it should be. This mod design is very good in my opinion, have received this blue mod and can say that a beautiful painting. This device is very convenient to use, no sharp edges and large shutter button, because it is a very nice feel in the hand. Faced with this mod you can see “Smok” and behind the mod, you can see the “Morph”. This model has a touch screen that I really like and also supports multiple operating modes mod that can be used.


From the top you can see the mod connection and here we have a spring loaded pin gold plated. Put here is good and I have no problem with atomizers I have discussed here. A good connection, which rises slightly, which is good because you do not scratch the Ministry of Defense with atomizers. In this mod, you can use aerosols up to 26 mm in diameter, which is more than was good for me.


Sub mod you can see the battery cover. I really like the locking mechanism of the battery cover. When the battery cover is opened, you can see how mod mod paintings batteries and is powered by two batteries 18650. So far I have not had a problem with the battery cover. When the batteries are in the mod and mod stir when there was good rattle.


On one side of the smok trinity alpha battery replacement get code, you can see the shutter button. The shutter button is huge and I really like the shutter button. shutter button is very convenient to use, is dislocation and works very well. At the top you can see the shutter button and a button using this button, you can lock the screen or off screen. When the button is held locks the screen and clicking the button you can turn off the screen.


On the front of the mod, you can see the screen and USB port.

You can use the USB port for software updates or to charge the battery of this device means load balanced, but as always, I recommend charge your batteries in an external charger.

In this device, we have a color screen is very nice, big screen, the size of the screen is a 1.9inch screen and in my opinion, this device looks very beautiful and really is a touch screen.


To activate it you must click 5 times the shutter button and should do the same to turn it off. When the device is turned on display the power mode, you will see:


– I can not

– locking / unlocking

– Time puff

– W

– Preheat

– Left and right

– Resistance

– V

– against blow

– A

– The battery indicator


The touch screen works well and so far I have not had a problem with the screen. Also on the screen, you can see everything nice and screen brightness are very good.

In the enter the menu, you can see:


– Modus

– My style

– hojaldre

– Setting


When the mode is selected, you can choose different modes:


– Watt

– temperature Ti

– Temperature Ni

– Temperature Ss


If you choose me mode, you can set 4 different operating modes, and you can adjust your diet, you can pre-heat and add the name of liquid and NIC.

If you choose Puff Puff, you can reset the counter.

When the setting is entered you can see:

– General (approximately factory reset, accessibility, food)

– Chip (Info)

– topics

– Access code


If you choose a theme, you can choose a different background and you can choose different colors on the screen and can also set the screen timeout. If you select the access code, you can set your own password, the device asks every time the battery is placed on the mod.


How do these devices work and my thoughts:


So vapeciga smok nfix kit price is very good in my opinion, and certainly one of the best mods out there, I particularly like blue. mod good quality construction and complained about this mod. Chateo also looks good, but I must say that this magnet Finger prints mod will be a disadvantage for someone. In the device can be used to a diameter of 26 mm without good atomziers projection. You really can be easy to put the battery in the Ministry of Defense and so far DIND’T have a problem with the battery cover. There was nothing rattle when the batteries are shaken and when morning. shutter button is great and I really like the type of shutter button. It works well and is dislocation. It is also good that we have a key to lock / unlock the screen and enable / disable screen. This model also supports load balancing, but as always recommend charging your batteries in an external charger. Really beautiful screen and on the screen, we have all the information we need, big screen, the screen brightness is good and works well. I also like that we can change the color of the screen. This device has many options yet very easy to use. Mod works very well if you ask me, I tried with my MTL and atomizers DTL me and runs smoothly and probably will continue to use the device every day. If you are considering buying this mod and mod design you want, I can tell you for all that this camera can be obtained safely.

You can buy here:vape battery

sourcemore thanks


dovpo mvv squonk basium nickel topside review

Vapeciga dovpo squonk of sourcemore received the purposes of this review.


– Bronze

– Rainbow

– Black

– The corrosion of iron


Specifications and features:


– Diameter: 25 mm

– E-juice Capacity: 2 ml (standard glass) / 6 ml (glass bubbles and bubble tube)

– Coil Type: Coil single and double coil

– Filling Method: Filling Top

– System Airflow: low adjustable air flow

– Material: Stainless steel 304

– Subject: 510


– 242 ° airflow inner coil direct great flavor

– support double coil or single coil construction

– 2ml glass and right 6 ml with glass bubble

– double diffusion delicate balance airflow

– Easy filling Top Design

– Bottle opener included

– Available in 4 colors: black, silver, gun metal and rainbow


In the frame:



– Glass tubes bubble

– bubble tubes Ultem

– Accessory bag

– User’s Guide

– Bottle Opener


BLOTTO average atomizer is designed in collaboration between Dovpo and vaping Bogan. The spray comes in 4 different colors, I received black atomizer. Show new dovpo mvvr average is that can be used in a dual coil configuration, but you can also use this single coil configuration is that it is really good.

This package is good, in the package, receive regular glass tank and get a glass of bubbles and bubble reservoir Ultem really good. In the package, you also receive a bottle opener that you will be able to use to measure the length of the main coil.

atomizer build quality is good and everything is as it should be, looks like the same time the quality of the color. In the upper eyelid, you can see some details that helps when you want to remove the top cover, the same details that can be seen at the base, in the room, you can see the engraved logo and atomizer background you can see the standard information and serial number.


Atomizer comes with a drip tip 810 preinstalled. Personally, I really like the design of the drip, drip tip is short and has a big hole which I personally prefer. If you do not like this trick drop by drop, into the atomizer, you can use the other end of the 810 gently down.

This is the atomizer over the filling and here we have a locking system that much personally, all you have to do here is change the top of a small hat, so you can remove it. In the upper eyelid, you can see the detail that helps when you want to remove the hat when the top cover is removed, you can see two holes large filling, so with this atomizer will have no trouble filling is really good. Furthermore, filling syringes will not be a leak.


With the atomizer, you receive 3 tanks were really good. Therefore you receive regular glass tank and the tank capacity is 2 ml. In the package, you will receive two tanks bubbles, a glass and the other tank is a tank of Ultem. 6 ml capacity bubble tank whose capacity is very good and I belive a lot of will as the ability of the glass bubbles tank, I personally prefer using glass bubbles in the spray tank. My very good quality spray tank in place when the base so you can change the coil or cotton is removed, while I still have the mail liquid left in the tank.


In the bridge, you can see the four screws and 4 slots for the child dovpo basium click in. The screws are good and I have no problems with screws. When you look at the construction of a bridge, you can see the design is very interesting and you can see the air flow is very interesting. As you can see in the coil atomizer air strike almost everywhere, they were very good taste. It is also good that create a type of air flow inside the honeycomb. Given the design of the construction of a bridge here, you can go with two coils or can go only with a coil, and what is important here is that the spray really works very well in the configuration of a single coil.

Average construction is very easy, if want to go with two coils can be used a bottle opener in the package to measure the coil wire and then can put a coil. If you with two coils, I can advise coil 2.5mm. As already said, the atomizer can be a single coil construction, in this case, I suggest that the coil 3.5 mm.


Basically, you can see the ring control airflow and we have very good air flow honeycomb here. ring control air flow in the spray works very well and can easily adjust the air flow and setting aside, it will be the same on the other side. Because the airflow in and out of the honeycomb atomizer was very smooth air flow is very good, I really like the flow of air to the atomizer is.


Regarding performance, the use as a single coil and dual coil RTA RTA. I ran 5 is based on it. One construction ID 4mm round coil wire, a 4 mm ID Coil Construction unique luxury, 3mm ID double coil construction, luxury, luxury 1 2.5mm ID double coil construction, and double coil 3 mm ID mounting a round wire. RTA dual coil as flavorwise discovered less overall compared to many good people in the market today and even some older. It was fine for the wire around the building, but if a wireless tower is used, but, even so, it was surpassed by many others since. Where can I find it works best to build a large luxury single coil. Again still not as good as in 2017 or even the selection Lite aromamizer FSA in 2019, but still better than many single-coil RTA 2018. Maybe not the best, but it is one of the best options you can find now. So overall, it was less like a double winder, but fine for round wire, but rather as a single reel with the luxury of a single coil, I do not like that is versatile too.


general impressions, details and extras

This is dovpo nickel get code than the flow of air RTA 26 smaller round holes each side is on the air flow and the air flow in a style “ramp”. It is a vaporizer limited DTL is completely open. AFC, but despite much grip is my first complaint about the quality of the FSA. It is always very difficult to solve and to start on that really stuck and not going to change for me at all times. Fortunately, I was stuck open, but still full. It should be easy to adjust and not so tight.


The top of the filling screw is standard that a top hat to expose two holes filling large. Not even remove the full, it was a quarter turn to blow what I liked. If it has done right there and easy to open and close. The holes are filled is full size and can be filled with all kinds of bottles or can simply pouring a glass bottle. There is also a series of accessories that come with it, unfortunately, is treated with one end drop despite the obvious opaque packaging 810 with a metal tip. Looks good, but I wish it had included the two ends and 510. However adapter must be good and a lot of 81- ends should take in this ATR. It also comes with three 2 ml standard glass vessel and 6 ml glass bubbles, and glass bubble 6ml color Ultem. I like the third choice of the tank. They understand that the odd substitution three O-ring. In general, a number is obtained, but in this case, only the top of the cup, one for the background and one for the end of the droplets. O-ring couple more would be good, 4 spare screws also display and screening tools. It would have been nice if it was held in a cotton rolls and well, but not a big problem and reel court also lead would be nice. Also they include a skull shaped bottle beer Bogan cause lol opens. bottle opener is not greater than the mouth is used to open the bottle a little too thin, but I really do. As someone who has used all kinds of emergencies, such as the opener and a box of immersion and keys and other bottle caps can not complain too much about a bottle opener.


How does it work? Atomizer and my mind:


And average BLOTTO is atomizer that comes in the package is very nice, very interesting including a bottle opener and really bubble that includes two tanks in your package, but in a package not receive a scroll that will be against the atomizing quality construction is very good, good machine and not keen on a good atomizer.

Drop to drop that comes with AVG BLOTTO very convenient to use. Top Fill works well here, fill a large hole and you will not have a problem with the bottle.

The capacity of the tank bubble is very good and a lot of will and a capacity of more than 6 ml good. Average construction is simple, two coils can be set easily here and easier coil. If you with two coils can be used a bottle opener on the package as pleasant COIL. As I said in my opinion atomizer dual coil configuration that works best with a coil of 2.5 mm and if you want to go with a single coil, I think it works very well with the coil of 3.5 mm. It is very important that the correct axis and if you do, never escape. Air flow in the atomizer is really good and really the airflow, very fine, also the airflow somewhat limited that personally I prefer.

This spray works very well in a vapeciga dovpo topside, but also works very well with a coil. Try the atomizer is excellent in both configurations. steam production wells and a dense steam.

And average BLOTTO is an atomizer that I recommend to you, especially if you like atomizers Limited bits dl little, I advised in this case because the airflow is very smooth, good taste and the atomizer has a capacity that is very good and it is very well built. This is definitely one of the best in my opinion atomizers.




– No coils in the package




– reservoir 3 in the package

– Bottle Opener

– Good build quality

– it works very well on a double coil configuration and a single coil

– easy to build and shaft

– No leakage

– 6 ml capacity

– beautifully designed bridge

– air flow to the honeycomb style

– The good taste

– dense vapor

– Pointe drip Practice

– You can change the reel while having the liquid in the tank mail

– I love design

You can buy here:dovpo

sourcemore thanks