Review of dovpo box vv mods squonk vape basium 230w topside dual

Vapeciga vv mods impressed since joining the vaping market and not really make a misstep. Of course, the first product to enter the heads of most people when Dovpo mentioned are the superstructure but were responsible for this very good RDA, RTA, fully regulated and potentiometer devices, and always at a fair price.

Here is the new RTA BLOTTO which is a collaboration with Sam Parsons also known as vaping Bogan and I promise I will not say the f *** did during this review. Blotto is designed to detect if a building of the house of the victim single hole or double airflow beehive style and cover the air 242 degrees (do not forget the two additional degrees, very lmao important).
It comes with 2 ml glass is installed according to TPD, but placed bubbles drinking glass and Ultem. There is a lot of hype about it will not affect the way I found BLOTTO could crack!


1 × Blotto (RTA pre-installed tubes 2ml)
1 x 6 ml bubble tube glass
1 x bubble tube 6 ml Ultem
1 x accessory bag
1 x Manual
1 x opener


Blotto is delivered in a cardboard box with a transparent plastic cover so you can see the RTA before the opening, there are many brands and all the usual features, etc. in the package. Blotto is available in three different colors, I received metal gun, but it is also available in silver and black. drops and adequate Council Goon 810 is very fun to watch with a band of silver metal around it and the appearance of the version in frosted silver Ultem black and gun metal.
I like the look BLOTTO, because it has a very distinctive look, both in appearance and basic as a bottle cap. the base has a dual air flow that two rows of small inlet holes (called honeycomb) and vaping skull Bogan visible in the room. Blotto is pre-installed with 2 ml (and others) as glass and get to the bottom of our brand, and a gold pin 510. The build quality is good, clean and a wire.

Blotto specifications and features:

Size: 26.0 (25.5 mm on the same basis) x 54.5mm (with the tube 2 ml) / 32.0 × 54.5mm (with tube 6 mL)
Type: 2ml Problem PDT; 2 ml Standard Edition
Capacity: 2 ml (6 ml of additional Ultem glass tube and the glass bubble tube 6 ml included)
Build a platform: supports dual coil or single coil
242 ° air flow system
It’s easy to fill in the e-juice.
double diffusion air flow for fine dust
Threads: 510
Color: Gun Metal, Silver, Black

Is different sections and receiver

Tip 810 drops looks good, but the low profile that does not work all the costume world and there is no end or drops 510 adapter is included, of course, you can adjust the cleaning. then we have the bottle caps of the upper cover plate followed by a section with a port jus and space. It is followed by a base floating bridge, we have a standard pin, gold plated 510 mounted stand. space screws on the platform and the glass is provided and the upper and lower sealed with the O-ring.

It is advertised as preinstalled regulation 2 ml glass TPD right, but I meet a 3 ml in him no problem. Also receive two bubble 6 ml capacity glass and squonk vape show new. Besides going to the theme in his blottoed receive double skull bottle Bogan door opening as a cutting guide wire coil. Although it comes with 2 parts glass bubble right and overall it was not surprised by what you get.

adapter 510 and the coils are not only cotton and rings 3 and 4 parts T-piece screw and is slightly different from the choice point drip ,. As for me an RTA should be the same as any other tank if the tank subohm reel comes without protest and did not really see the difference. I feel bad that it was a collaboration with the examiner voice heard tanks sacrifice or cover device that only comes with a single coil / pod and put your name to something that comes with nothing to build if you can ‘t run, no conversation talking about!


The BLOTTO used in many others, including several bayonets Zeus RTA RTA at the top, as we have seen. I like this method, only a quarter turn and a hat. Having a metal plate shaped charge two large kidney ports so that each bottle and adapt quickly to fill and disorder. Coupling to the plug upper filling then again, only a quarter turn.

air flow

the flow rate of the intake air is at the base, which is like having a double Cyclops in BLOTTO not accept the open slot, has a radius of honey airflow, two lines consists of a total of 26 holes in each side. air flow control ring and when the lid is established that poor quality does not meet the RTA, since it is very vague and moves very easily once.
Air enters through the holes and the air flow entering the bottom of the platform, just below which the reel / coil is placed such, has rate curves gateway (slit narrow) and the hand increases to match the reel / coil outer contour ramps have more air outlets of the hive. The airflow is described as “242 ° directly into the coil system airflow” lol I do not know how the scientific process to measure 242 degrees, but let’s say your reel / coil will be plenty of air cover ( not to be confused with a lot of air).
Looking at the dome and the room was very large path of air flow / core further reduced, so that all the ingredients are there to get a good flavor, simply add your building.

Platform and accumulation

We have a floating platform in dovpo basium squonk click in and although he did not reel postless the main deck is equipped with the same, but only a slight slope down instead of screws also declined slightly tilted. We have two main post section, comprising the structure of the flow path of air which face each other and each part is divided between negative and positive, and the two lead get mounted thereon. The headless screw Flatheads my least favorite because I find the checklist and the will of many favorite hexagonal.

Because the coils are equipped as needs jumper wire coil postless pre-cut as this and the lack of real space (when a double set) really did not say it was suitable for the platform new manufacturers, say some commentators are easily built, but they forget that they are used for build.

We made three construction for construction use double cast 3.0ID Ni80 Claptons shown as it looks a bit tight and recommend more than two times the construction are made using 2.5ID coil. Construction is simple, because the use of 3.5ID coil, which worked fine, but I would try a building with 4.0ID 4.5ID then because in the future I will use as a single coil and RTA blotto I want to find the best construction.
A bottle opener is provided doubles as a guide to cut the wire cutter to bring the correct length (two buildings), personally use search directories to cut the cylinder supplied with several RTA and RDA and cut May 1 mm I found led me on the right to build a double if takes one to build its prospects a little more, but you should use based on your reel handle assessment.
Mecha easy (I love the floating platform GTA style) that the detention process what you just put a piece of cotton in the channel and allow gravity absorbed completely blotto swab for the rest of this very forgiving with axes!

My experience using blotto

As mentioned, did build three, two double and single and the first program to me that a single coil construction gives a high yield, so the dovpo 230w get code to build give poor single and double results with a single accumulation two.I suggest not to actually build a double 3.0ID described as too narrow and makes RTA too tight, even for me as a tight loop. I did a double construction with a mixture 2.5ID Claptons provide the best results for a single building that provides more time BLOTTO taste of the air, but still very limited compared to most DL RTA. In comparison, usually with the RTA it has a good airflow 2/3 open, semi-open or open the third depends on a large tank with BLOTTO but opening a three complete construction.
He stood out for me was the smoothness BLOTTO but I found a bee hive is expected that half of the airflow. As it mentioned in the previous section that all the ingredients are there for a good taste, and even taste very good, with three accumulation I do, but just have not shot a couple of people, but they just have not found accumulated and becoming more modest fan coil My experiments with different 4.0ID and 4.5ID next version is perfect.
I prefer the air flow provided by the RTA because I do not like the e-liquid to get my camera, but after some use to drain zero experience and there is a good bridge floods. I made the third to build a great day, I was a little worried about the double 3.0ID construction because there is a lot of cotton and all I did was the end of the boom so that no comb, using liquid securities and unadjusted evil good 80VG a little. I would prefer to see the glass right and luckily they had a little fun when you have is that needs to be charged regularly, especially for double construction is declared to hold a capacity of 3 ml, but with the lid requires a quarter back to remove it, it is a great drama and if fully -Right really want a greater capacity, while the selection of 6 ml.

I really do not recommend it to someone who is new to build some experience would be beneficial prior to construction in vapeciga topside dual mod but good if you like a challenge, dive right!

Although I am the wow factor in taste (but not much) RTA is very good, just hope more comes with it.

How? ‘Or’ What

Good build quality
wire projecting
See single heading,
It’s good to see FSA (subjective)
It works well with either double or single building
coils setting style Postless
floating bridge
entry honeycomb
cover 242 degrees of air circulation
Goon beautiful montage 810 to drop by drop Advanced
2 6ml bubbles including spare parts (1 cup, Ultem 1)
cutting guide opening of the bottle / coil wire comprising
Top-cap has a bayonet connection (only a quarter turn to open or secure)
If you like this should be limited spray your street
very good taste (although I have not found so extraordinary that many others)
Good airflow
large locks
Very lenient with evacuation
Suffering from zero leaks or flooding


Not suitable for people who like a lot of air (much more limited than most DL RTA)
No coil or cotton plug
510 adapter not included
Drip drop advanced CA, including
A single backup screw and O-ring
In fact, it is not recommended for someone new to the accumulation (narrow space and the need to pre-cut lead)
The preferred hex head screws
3.0ID limited to two accumulation rolls (and even that is quite narrow 2.5ID much better)
control ring airflow nonspecific movement

I would like to thank once again as the Pearl of Cigabuy provide BLOTTO RTA for the purposes of this review.

You can buy here:dovpo box

sourcemore thanks

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