SMOK dickjohnzeistra suit measurements

From contact with the e-cigarette has been focusing on the SMOK products, buy R80 suits at first into the pit, a built-in battery and TFV4 cloud to core the RBA, really is a new one pace reachs the designated position into the pit of best! This is a great pleasure and would be glad to get the chance to SMOK dickjohnzeistra suit of new trial, let me talk about my objective evaluation of dickjohnzeistra suit began after!!!! I received the product is red, out of the hand at that moment was my daughter-in-law to! This product is really very portable and can see the chart is proportion to the size of my daughter-in-law in hand. This red is very SAO, very suitable for female friends? Below we say dickjohnzeistra suit my feeling of the objective in the process of use: advantages: 1, portable: size is very suitable for carrying out, combined with its built-in battery 2200 ma, normal smoke enough people use a day time, and the USB charging increases with the increasing use is very convenient. 2, price ratio: the kit itself contains a NANOTFV4 atomizer, unlike many machines on the market, don’t have to buy a battery charger and atomizer, get in, so to speak3, practical: I use the whole day after get dickjohnzeistra suit, with a 0.3 atomization core, power enough to support me to work 8 hours, small mouth can lung smoke fog is used in the office without affecting the others (if you want to smoke deep lungs or absorption can satisfy), moderate taste have administrative levels feeling. Shortcomings: 1, the range: true also battery into battery also defeat, so-called because dickjohnzeistra suit using the built-in 2200 ma battery, when I go out to play again want to pack a X case, the battery life is slightly less than, when you’re trying to put X results were not changed for the battery is very depressed! ?, 2, the fuel consumption: this suit appear storage about 2 ml, found that in the process of I use the atomizer or more fuel – 2 ml only enough I morning to noon is dry out, may be the reason for the big smoke core product!!!! 3, accessories: this suit does not contain the RBA core inside, so I can only change the finished product core to use because of the atomizer is NANOTFV4, is much smaller than TFV4, I hand no TFV4 RBA core can try, so hope that manufacturers still can provide players with a RBA core, degree is higher, the individual feels the RBA core can play later use cost low, finished product core in daily is not convenient to do silk convenient change so it is reasonable! I review here, the above is my true feeling, not for others, please do not deliberately misunderstood my evaluation thank you! The writer is a SMOK dickjohnzeistra suit winners madman, high profile logic is clear, thanks for madmen graphic share and mad madam’s friendship out!

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