Why smoking E-cigarettes atomizer is very hot a few?

Why smoking E-cigarettes atomizer is very hot a few? The data, and coil used power, cloud size, and is directly related to the volume. The higher the power, the “big, calorific value. Under the same voltage used by the coil resistance is lower, the greater the volume of heat wire, the higher the hot star. Atomization storehouse, the greater the heat accumulation effect is lower, the greater the heat dissipation. Air inflow is larger, the more heat away.

Why smoking E-cigarettes atomizer is very hot a few? What is the lead to serious the atomizer heat up then?

1.Drip oil atomizer

On non texture drops of oil atomizer used data are very loose, they usually have larger atomization warehouse, air flow, so muchDistribute heat SiDou can compatible. But using composite heat wire fancy double, as well as the resistance of 0.152 by the coil in the following, or easy to overheat, people can reduce the power to use discretion.

2.Finished product atomizer

Finished atomizer is nothing to say, manufacturers will all things have been designed, players only need to use manufacturers are recommended to use the power can get good effects.

3.Oil storage atomizer

The taste of traditional type oil atomizer, KF series, for example, firebird series and so on, all have tiny atomized storehouse and airway, guide outlet is usually small, and the electrode column base is not suitable for installation of thicker heat wire.If forced to use low resistance coil (consistent with the data of power use), so will inevitably produce overheat, smoke to tao overheating, such problems as insufficient delivery rate. So on this kind of atomizer is also recommended to use the following heat wire wire diameter 0.4.

4.Taste drip oil atomizer

If you are using a nipple, HOBO, ant, AX, taste like drops of oil atomizer, then do not choose to install low resistance heat wire and fancy heat wire (low resistance, and fancy fever SiDou need to use a higher power to push, to achieve a suitable working condition). Because such atomizer air inflow usually less, and the atomization warehouse space compression, send out quantity of heat to the conduction of heat wire to the atomizer on, and in this case, the temperature of the smoke is also very high, not suitable for use. So it is recommended to use in this kind of atomizer under 0.4 wire diameter and heating wire.

That is about E-cigarettes atomizer why smoke a few very hot? Related introduction, cause overheating atomizer, is that there is no use with atomizer, high compatibility of coil data and power. So we need to have a knowledge of his sprayer in his hand, and then based on the characteristics of the atomizer itself to decide use what kind of coil data and output power.